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Click for Luiz Claudio Valdetaro's Marconi I pictures and Luiz Claudio Valdetaro's Marconi I cars

The Rules And Regulations For The 2001 Marconi Foundation Proxy Race are now posted!

You can find all the information about the 2001 race by clicking on "Jose's Cool Links" on the left of this page, then click on the link "Electric Dreams Race Information" at the bottom of that page.

This web site is dedicated to the management and reporting of the Marconi Foundation MEMORIAL RACES, which will be held in September 2001 at Buena park Raceway, in Buena Park, California, USA.

These are PROXY races.

What is a PROXY race?
It is a race run by proxy, meaning that the entries are mailed to the race site and driven by a group of professional drivers, ensuring total fairness.

-50% of the points tally will count towards presentation and engineering.

-Concours judging will be performed by highly respected hobby and media professionals.

These races will be run by PROXY, meaning that the entrants cars will be mailed to the race management, and a jury will select the best looking cars while they will be raced by eight professional drivers.

Welcome to the Electric Dreams site devoted to the Marconi Foundation for Disadvantaged Kids Proxy Races. We hope that you will enter these races and we wish you great success! You can also visit our regular web site by clicking in "Cool Links" on the left of this page, then click on the Electric Dreams link to view our Vintage Slot Cars Catalogue and other fun topics.
We hope you will enjoy viewing this site, and will contact us through our E-mail if you have any questions.

This site is now being updated daily as results are being compiled. Pictures of entries will be posted as they will be available. A CD of the race will be produced soon and will be available for a modest donation to the Marconi Foundation.
We shall keep you posted as results are being posted. Please check the "What's new" feature in this web site for updated information.

We also will post information on the Old Weird Herald site, the Slots DL site, and the Scale Auto Racing News site. Look for and click on direct links on the "Link" topic on the left side of the home page (blue column).
A lot of information and help can be found on many slot car sites to help you building the best possible racers for this racing series.
The great John "The Jet" Cukras and former Team Riggen star Bryan Warmack...
...met for the first time since 1970 at the 2000 Proxy run at the Marconi Museum in Tustin, CA. Bryan entered a modified FLY porsche 917 which finished 2nd in the E-Class "B" Main. John was our star driver and acquitted himself quite well of this tough assignment.

Mark Gussin' "Hussein I" proved once and for all to naysayers that vacuum-formed bodies can make Concours winners. It all depends on whom does the job.
Don't forget to click on the "What's new" feature on the left side of this home page to read results, comments and important facts about our races.