Nomad's Marconi III Experience

Marconi III story

By Jim Cunningham

Marconi III Nomad's perspective

I too was privileged to attend the event this year. I agree with Luis about dissapointments being limited to missing firends and worthy competitors.

I only entered two cars and one class this year. The Cooper was built for last year's race, but though it worked OK with a Parma 45 in testing, was undrivable with a 45 on the BP track, something to due with avaialbe amperage perhaps? In any case, I withdrew it last year, went to a milder motor and it is sweeeeet now.

The Bugatti was also a DNF refugee from last year, where is had the same trouble as the Cooper, then succumbed to a contact problem with the lead wires snagging in the engine compartment due to tricky body remounting. This was the car with the fully deailed engine and removeable hood from last year. It was all but destroyed at Vegas when lost sight of it and scattered the body to 17 pieces. I rebuilt the car, using only the same chassis, for this event. I seem to have gotten the balance right, as the car is a joy to drive fast and I never saw anybody deslot it, except a marshall who leaned on it while diving under the bridge. (Got that on video tape) If not for that, it would have beaten the heavier Cooper in the race.

I'd have entered more cars this year but, given my trouble with the Parma 45's, I refused to commit to new projects until I had the ability to test the cars well. I bought Carerra track and a power supply matching those specified by race command, but was suspicious of the Professor Motor "electronic equivilent" to the Parma 45. If one of these mysterious controllers was availalbe, I'd have tried to build for it. Sorry I just can't do things the easy way and use the "safe" motors. Besides they don't fit in these tiny bodies unless I amputate Jack Brabham and Wilemeil at the heart. I like full depth interiors.

One of the other rationalizations for entering only one class this year is that I'd be free to drive three classes if invited to do so. I drove the class A and Mini races. I declined to drive the magnet class as few cars were good in practice.

I marshalled the magnaet race and many cars just quite after a few laps then restarted for a few more and repeated the cycle. Ithink it was the power supply (one per lane) breakers tripingand resetting as the cars did not seem that hot.

I always have really enjoyed driving cars at Marconi events. For the record, let me say, the cars get excellent care. With the exception of the minor damage to the Bugatti and the fact that everyone had to dive the Luis's wood based magnet car until it's delcate braid vaproized, I saw no harm come to any of the cars due to a driving incident. Amazing, given the fragility of many of these babies. Luis, that wood/magnet car was just TOO interesting! It ran nicley in practice too!

I'm very pleased to report that the PM controllers were WONDERFUL and everyting I drove responded well to them. Philippe says the PM will be the controller from now on. This is grea news as drivers no longer have the wrestle with the 45 ohm Parma on-off switch. I'm so glad the controller grumbling can now cease!

I'll also conceed that the concours seemed to go OK. I'd still like to see a 3x5 tag attached to each car during concours to let the builder provide information about the car that is not apparent.

Many many thanks to Philippe for producing this wonderful event despite the pressure of launching his ambitious TSRF project.

I stoped by Electric Dreams to pick up my Proxy cars, and was fortunate to be able to buy the first 8 production TSRF cars. We raced them at our Nomad club event the following evening.... but that is another story. I'll get photos and details of that event out tomorrow.

Bye for now.

Jim Cunningham
Nomad Slot Racer