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Professor Motor "Silver Series" Controller - Semipro Model
Suitable for HO and 1/32 Home and Commercial Track Racing
Part Number PMTR2052

Features - Variable sensitivity adjustment allows the controller to be fine tuned to almost any combination of power, track conditions and cars of any scale.  Over 40,000 possible combinations of controller settings.  New “Silver Series” ultra robust design features (see web site for information).  Variable braking system to optimize braking performance, polarity reversing system, self-resetting electronic circuit breaker, brass & steel trigger pivot reduces trigger friction and improves controller feel, pair of pilot lights provides a visual indication of power to the controller and also indicates the polarity of power going to the controller, internal handle-protected anodized aluminum heat sink, additional secondary aluminum heat sink, extra long leads, heavy duty 13 gage super flexible wire, high temp silicone insulation, solid copper alligator clips, color coded insulating boots, high impact Lexan handle, electronic semiconductor design with wide range of control, low friction graphite impregnated wiper button, brass alloy wiper contacts, stainless steel hardware throughout, upgradeable modular design.

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The following Prizes are offered by BWA Wheels and will be distributed to some of the most deserving entrants, not for the quality of their car, but for the special effort it took for them to get it done.

BWA Minispeed from Canada has donated lots of their be-o-tiful wheels sets for many of the entrants.


These wheels were won by many of the entrants for merit more than classification and have been sent to the winners.


Bruce Patterson of Patto's Place in Australia has kindly donated five gift certificates for AU$100.00 each to the most deserving entries.

The five certificates were won by:


-Luis Valdetaro (For really showing all of us what this is all about).

-Jim Cunningham (just because he made such a tremendous effort in the past

three years).

-Jim McLaughlin (Because he is getting closer and closer to the Big One).

-Larry Geddes (Purely for obvious talent and merit from a converted wing-car


-Robert Wheeler (for having the cojones to try, and try hard, even if the

result did not reflect the effort).


The Athina Zakarda Memorial Trophy was awarded to...


Luiz Valdetaro



A special mention for Rod McPherson, who saw his winning cars disqualified

because of the failure of El Jefe to read his own rules before the races.

Booo to the chief.


Congratulations to all